uStash -NASSCOM Judge Citation

This innovation attempts to solve the problem of high mobile data cost and low user quality of experience (QoE) in public transport due to challenges such as high user density, limited cellular coverage and unstable throughput caused by mobility. The solution could provide improved performance for the target audience, giving them seamless access to high-quality popular media and other contents even at a remote location with no/limited network coverage. The solution is found to consume slightly lower power when compared to using cellular networks, e.g. 3G and 4G.

The judges were fascinated with the innovation. The solution tries to solve the modern day problems of poor connectivity while commuting and data cost. The target audience is huge and global. The judges could easily envisage it being rolled out in public transport not only in the developed countries but also in the developing countries. Whilst, there is some more research required, and consideration needs to be given to the commercial and legal risks, there are no second thoughts relating to the enormous potential of the solution. Having considered the innovation’s stage of development, usefulness, scalability, ease of implementation, cost-benefit, etc., the judges unanimously decided to award uStash as a winner in IT Technical Innovation category.

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